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Joy the Spoon

Joy is a food lover (with a special affinity for soup). She loves the smell, the taste, the making of, and the community around food. Growing up in a multi-cultural family and in an international area she enjoyed a varied cuisine and developed a fondness for being in the kitchen from a very young age. After living the majority of her life with processed foods as a large part of her diet she was determined, upon finally having her own kitchen, to cook with whole foods whenever possible. Since childhood Joy has also struggled with food allergies and sensitivities that have necessitated adapting recipes to fit around them, and an ever-present drive to research health, wellness and nutrition. Six years ago Joy drastically changed her diet to veganism to better serve her health, and about two years ago she became gluten-free. As a self-taught cook she enjoys the challenge of converting a traditional dish or recipe into an allergy-free delight.

Joy, A Spoon & A Fork
Maria, A Spoon & A Fork

Maria the Fork

Having grown up with an Italian father and an inclination for pasta, Maria can appreciate a good home-cooked meal. When she was informed by her doctor that she could no longer eat gluten and dairy, she and her mother had to work on converting familiar dishes into delicious gluten/dairy-free meals. She’s spent the past eight years researching the gluten/dairy-free lifestyle challenges, especially when living away from major cities and alternative health food stores. Maria’s background includes a love of photography and videography and she received a Bachelor in Visual Arts. Maria has worked as a videographer for local news stations, and captured footage in an indie film, as well as being a freelance photographer for several years. Her work has been featured in New York City and Washington, D.C.

A Spoon & A Fork

Joy and Maria struck up a friendship three years ago upon being introduced through Maria’s father, Joy’s then-coworker. Finding that they both had similar experiences revolving around food concerns and allergies, it solidified their relationship and they set out together to share with each other what they’d learned and to seek out new and better ways to enjoy food while avoiding allergens. They had both entertained the idea, separately, of starting a blog but it wasn’t until they went together to a Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest sponsored by Enjoy Life that the idea to work together came to fruition. Noting how difficult it could be for someone to have more than one allergy and to find enough people willing and able to help navigate their different eating habits, the idea of the blog becoming a food haven for those with the most common allergies and food concerns took root. They are by no means experts but rather regular people who have discovered, and are still discovering, ways to enjoy food while not following the Standard American Diet.

Joy & Maria