Celebrating Mother's Day Allergy-Friendly Style

Mother's Day is in less than a week (that's this coming Sunday May 13!) and if you haven't figured out what to do for your mom yet, here are some last minute suggestions.

Aside from flowers, a spa day and more sleep, we've come up with five ideas (strictly food-related, of course) for those mom's dealing with allergies.

Mother's Day Ideas:

1. Breakfast in Bed - it's always nice when you can sleep in and don't have to worry about

Fruit Salad

getting up and making breakfast for everyone. If your mom is the one who's generally the breakfast-maker, we suggest helping her out on Mom's Day by starting her out with a great big bowl of fruit salad (celebrate spring!), a cup of tea and our Blueberry Muffins - or, you know, something else she'd like to eat for breakfast (chocolate's not off the table).

Cholate & Red Wine

2. Chocolate & Wine - sure, this is a cliche, but come on, it's a cliche for a reason! If your mom's the one with the allergies, check out our Valentine's Day post for tips on allergy-friendly wine and chocolates.

Edible Arrangement

3. Edible Arrangement - flowers are so last year. Get your mom a bunch of fruit cut into the shape of flowers, in various bouquets and fruit combos, and have her savoring your gift for the whole week. If she's got food concerns Edible Arrangements are fairly understanding and work with you to adjust any order to your preferences.

4. Dinner Out - if mom's always making dinner, or she's one of those super awesome moms

that's always accommodating twelve different allergies yet she doesn't have a one (here's looking at you Mrs. Morgan!) take her out to a nice meal someone else makes. You do the research ahead of time to make sure the restaurant (or your own kitchen) takes into account different allergy concerns so she doesn't have to. Happy Mom's Day, mom!

5. Salad In A Pot - farmer's markets are opening up again and selling sprouted potted herbs and pots of salad greens that you can clip and the plants regrow so you can clip again! How exciting is that?! Get mom something she can use the whole spring and summer season with kale, chard, spinach and more! Check out your local farmers' market to see what's on offer.

Salad In A Tub

Let us know if you used one of our ideas and how it went over with your mom. Or tell us what else you did to show your mom an awesome, allergy-friendly mom's day!

Don't forget to give mom a card, a big hug and kiss and a hundred thank you's for giving you life. Thanks mom!

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